Put Down Your Phone and Work with these 5 Bay Area Nonprofits

Have the latest current events got you thinking about America’s future?

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MmmmmHmmm - heard that.

Are you sick of reading news headlines that make you think, “Holy sh*t! What is happening!?” 

We know the feeling.

What about Facebook? You tired of seeing the same political rant over and over?

Likewise, friends.

The good news for you is that nonprofits are working their tails off to make it easy for you to actually make an impact. For instance, here are 5 awesome nonprofits that work with Bay Area youth. The YOUTH, people! Check them out and see how you can get involved.


After having an unsettling conversation with a school principal about how recess had become a time for kids to fight, get hurt, and feel left out, rather than having fun and getting exercise, Jill Vialet decided it was time for a change. She founded Playworks in 1996, in two Berkeley, CA elementary schools. Playworks aims to make recess a time for kids to play, be healthy, and feel included among all their fellow students. Playworks' coaches encourage kids to play fair, have fun, and show all their classmates respect.

So far, the inception of Playworks has reduced bullying, lessened disciplinary incidents, and increased students' academic engagement. Interested in learning more about Playworks and playing some kickball? Playworks has their Annual Corporate Kickball Tournaments coming up in June! This is a great way to learn more about the organization and meet some of the wonderful kids they work with!

Breakthrough San Francisco

Breakthrough is an initiative of San Francisco Day School, an independent school that values excellence and academic achievement for students in both public and private schools. Their belief is that all children should have access to a great education and attentive, caring teachers. In an effort to achieve this goal, Breakthrough provides year-round support and enrichment for students at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. They also work with college students seeking careers in education, by helping instruct them and develop their skills. 

If Breakthrough's mission speaks to you, you can of course make a donation, but you really should consider attending one of their events. Each event is unique and showcases the many ways Breakthrough is changing education in the Bay Area. Consider checking out this ‘Raise Your Hand For Breakthrough’ event happening on February 15th.


Generation Citizen

It is no secret that our country is deeply divided over politics. While many debate the issues, a lot of our youth are not even participating in the discussion, or voting, because they simply are not informed, and lack the education in civics. Generation Citizen provides students with civics classes that give them a real-world experience of democracy, and help them learn that their voice truly matters.

Generation Citizen is always looking for college students to volunteer as Democracy Coaches. These coaches spend a semester sharing their knowledge with students, in order to help them play a more active role in their community, and drive change.


R.O.C.K. San Francisco

R.O.C.K., or Real Options for City Kids, was founded in 1994 on the premise that all kids should have access to education in a safe, loving, and supportive environment. Due to many social and economic challenges, city kids often lack exposure to great academic and social environments. R.O.C.K. tries to bridge this gap by providing kids with fitness programs, outdoor adventures, and school-based programs to help them reach their full potential. 

If you have a desire to help kids reach their potential, make new friends, and provide at-risk youth with mentoring and guidance, consider volunteering with R.O.C.K.! You can also join them at one of their upcoming events, to meet the R.O.C.K. family and learn more about the program. This April, they are holding R.O.C.K. the Brew! This great event will feature a home-brew contest, food, silent auction, and raffle! 


America Scores

America Scores is a great Bay Area nonprofit which has a vision that all youth should have the ability to read and write, play sports, and contribute to their community, so everyone has a better quality of life. Coaches work with kids through their soccer, literacy, and community outreach programs, to help kids learn healthy habits and the value of teamwork. 

America Scores will be hosting the 2017 Bay Area Champions League soccer tournament in April. Get a team together and raise money that provides after school soccer and poetry programs at public schools in low-income Bay Area communities.

All of these nonprofits work tirelessly to incite real change in our community. If you are interested in becoming involved with one of these organizations, please consider making a donation, or better yet, volunteer your time to help them continue to make an impact in the Bay Area.