Ways you can stay active after the Women's March (right here in SF!)

Last weekend, the world watched as over 5 million people joined together to march, speak, and show the world what causes matter to them. Some are calling the Women’s March demonstrations the largest demonstration in US history (DAMN!). The question now becomes, can people continue to stay involved? How can you follow up and take action so that your voice is heard and your cause stood up for? 

The first way you can stay engaged is by continuing to support the Women's March on Washington, which will continue to take action every 10 days on specific issues. This week's objective; write your closest senator and let them know what causes matter to you. Click here to visit the official Women’s March website and learn how you can stay involved. 

Next up, for all of our environmental-minded friends out there, check out CoolEffect.org. Cool Effect makes it easy to support the world’s best carbon-reducing projects that cool the planet. Cool Effect’s site makes it easy for you to explore a variety of badass projects and donate to any you want to support. Learn more about Cool Effect and join the +90,000 that are taking action.

(Watch how Cool Effect is on a mission to save our snowmen.)

If you're looking for other causes to donate to, check out this list of fun, "non-sucky" donation pages.

Maybe, like many people, you want to be more politically active. If so, check out iCitizen. iCitizen is a non-partisan engagement app that allows citizens to communicate with their local elected leaders. App users also get to vote (anonymously) in polls, track trending issues, and raise awareness for their causes.

Another way you can stay in the loop with the latest political news is Snapchat. The Snapchat 'Discover' option allows you to watch short news updates provided by Vice, Vox, and Daily Mail. Give it a shot.

And as always, if you're in the Bay Area and want get more involved with local nonprofits and social causes, check out DiveIn. We make it easier than ever for you to get involved with the social good happening in your area.