5 Ways To Do More Social Good In The Bay Area

The Bay area is full of good people. If you are wondering what you can do to make San Francisco a better place, then you are one of those people. Here are 5 ways to do more social good in the Bay Area

1. Eco Conservation: If you are a hero saving the planet and also cherish the rich history of San Francisco, then Tides is the non-profit for you. A visit to Thoreau Center for Sustainability reveals how Tides is preserving history through green efforts. In the heart of Presidio is a cluster of 12 buildings, home to more than 60 environmental groups exhibiting art and a whole-earth library. Visit, donate or volunteer as a way to support this award-winning model of green construction.

If there is a special place in your heart for cyclists, Thoreau Center should make your heart skip a beat. Integrated into its design are accommodations for bicycle enthusiasts. Going green means laying off the petroleum and investing in a bit of pedal power. 

2. Help The Homeless: Do you envision a world where everyone belongs? Then support Lifemoves' work that serves more than 29,000 homeless people every year. Lifemoves seeks to create opportunities for the homeless that results in their ability to support themselves and have their own home.

Lifemoves is one of those award-winning non-profits everyone can support with confidence. GuideStar has given this group its seal of approval with a Silver Participant award for its transparency in operations. GuideStar examines millions of charitable organizations. If you participate with a GuideStar approved organization, you know that you are giving your time and efforts to a non-profit with proven integrity.

3. Protecting The Bay: It is the Bay which gives the city its place on the map. An innovative non-profit that works to protect the world's oceans, starting right at home restoring the health of the Bay, also includes in their vision protecting sharks. If that sounds like the kind of cause you're interested in, check out Sharkstewards.

Sharks have been around for hundreds of millions of years. Their health is just one way to gauge the overall health of the world's oceans. Although they may be seen as the fiercest predators in the ocean, there is a creature preying upon sharks that is an even fiercer predator, man. Overfishing and shark finning is decimating the populations of sharks all over the globe. Campaigns by Sharkstewards, like the Golden Gate Marine Protected Area Collaborative, are striving to educate the public about shark conservation, improve the quality of the bay's water and protect the ecosystems of marine life. 

4. Next Generation Strong: Make sure that the next generation grows up strong and healthy enough to continue these works. Support organizations like Homeless Prenatal Program (HPP). For 25 years HPP has been striving to end childhood poverty, empower families, and strengthen mothers during their times of pregnancy and parenthood. Who wouldn't want to be a part of nurturing healthy babies, strengthening families, and producing stable home environments?

5. Download The Good: Getting involved in your local community is as easy as the tap of a button on your phone. DiveIn gets everyone connected with an innovative online community of other people interested in doing good. This is social media at its best. Create your own profile, browse events, connect with local nonprofits and join or create an activity. Get the app and get involved!

For more information on how to make San Francisco better, greener, lovelier and healthier, get connected in your own community with volunteers and philanthropists like yourself!