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We’re Proud To Launch DiveIn. A social app that makes it easy to volunteer and attend community events.

18 months ago, a couple buddies and I met in Berlin for what we thought would be a week of visiting tourist attractions, eating schnitzels, and drinking steins. Instead, we locked ourselves up in our apartment like a bunch of mad scientists and started working on what we’re proud to release today: the DiveIn App.  

At the time, we were all students (I was studying abroad) and working part-time. Our goal with DiveIn was to develop a social app that could get people off their phones and involved in their communities (in real life). This broad goal soon evolved into something much bigger. 

While I was living in Berlin, the “Refugee Crisis” was just breaking out and a block away from where I was living, refugees from some of the world’s most war-torn areas were being housed in an old school auditorium. I searched for ways to help out but struggled to find opportunities to pitch in. Here I was, living a block away from hundreds of people whose whole lives had been uprooted by war and finding there was very little I could do as a neighbor to help out. Needless to say, I was frustrated because I knew that I couldn’t be the only one struggling to find volunteer opportunities. 

We really couldn’t believe that there wasn’t platform already that efficiently facilitated the kind of community engagement that would encourage a younger generation to get involved. To us, that was unacceptable and the reason why we started reaching out to non-profit organizations in the Bay Area.

At DiveIn, we want to connect you with the local non-profits addressing the issues you care about. Our hope is that with the DiveIn app, we can help channel the urge we all feel after reading a powerful article into real tangible action with lasting impacts.  

So how do we do that? 

With DiveIn, you can quickly and easily find events and activities hosted by non-profits, search for events that interest you and join in with the tap of a finger. If you don’t see anything that sticks out, create your own event, gather your friends for a good cause, and let members of the community join in. 

With all the distractions in our technology-driven society, it’s more difficult than ever to tune out the noise and get active. But with volunteer rates in the US continuing to drop and voter turnout trailing most developed countries, it’s pretty clear that all of us need to do more to get involved in our communities. With 1.5 million non-profits in the US and nearly 40,000 here in the Bay Area, there’s no shortage of non-profit organizations that could use all of our help.

This is why we’re really excited to officially announce the launch of DiveIn, the newest way to get active in your community. With DiveIn, it’s never been easier to get off your phone and get active in the world around you. Download the DiveIn app today and make a real impact in your community.


Andreas Freund