The APEX Website Launch Party

Last night we got the chance to hang out with the folks from Apex Youth Mentoring and Sports at District Oakland as they celebrated the launch of their social service database, Apex Helps. Apex works with youth in the SF Bay Area by providing academic mentorship, career training, and opportunities to participate in recreational activities. Their new database will allow people in challenging circumstances to easily find hundreds of social services and nonprofits in the Bay Area and get the guidance they need.

The lead web designer of the project, “JP”, is a web developer and a former Apex mentee. JP also teaches a web design course through Apex, helping underserved youth begin to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to work in the Bay Area’s tech sector. 

Last night’s event was a great opportunity for us to speak with people involved with local nonprofits and learn more about the critical work they do every day. We had the pleasure of meeting folks from Cal, Beyond Emancipation, the Oakland Police Department and many others. We strongly believe more folks would engage in their communities if they had the opportunity to attend events like Apex’s.

Our mission here at DiveIn is to help foster a social ecosystem that promotes activity, community engagement, and volunteerism, a mission which great organizations like Apex work towards on a daily basis.

Huge congrats to Chris Speed, JP, and the others at Apex for the successful launch of Apex Helps. We look forward to working together in the future. 

- The DiveIn Team